How to Kill Bed Bugs Without Chemicals Using Heat Treament

Milwaukee Bed Bug Extermination
July 28, 2015

Thermal heat treatment for bed bugs is the modern way to eradicate a pest that bugged the colonists in the 1800’s. Not knowing that bed bugs die with heat, they poured water, arsenic and sulfur into cracks and crevices. Today, our technicians can heat a whole room and eradicate bed bugs in just one day.

Avoiding Chemical Treatments

Treating bedbugs with chemicals requires two or three visits over a period of weeks, and each one may last as much as two hours or as little as 30 minutes. After each treatment, you need to stay out of your home until the chemicals dry or until you get permission to re-enter safely.

Chemical treatment usually involves these actions:

  1. Exterminators apply an insecticide to your sofa, chairs and other surfaces that your family members frequently touch.
  2. Folds inside your furniture receive an application of a residual insecticide.
  3. Cracks and crevices around your baseboards and electrical outlets receive treatment with a dust insecticide.

Surviving eggs may take as much as 17 days to hatch, requiring inspection and treatment again. A comparison of chemicals vs heat treatment for bed bugs shows that the clean and safe heat method protects your family from exposure to harmful substances.

Understanding How to Kill Bed Bugs without Chemicals

A female bed bug can lay up to 12 eggs in one day, usually in cracks and crevices that are hard for chemicals to reach. A chemical treatment that misses only one bug deprives you of the quality service that you expect, but there is a better method that you can count on.

Heat kills bed bugs within 90 minutes at 118°F, but out technicians typically heat a room to temperatures of 135°F and more. Lasting for six or eight hours, the heat treatment permeates every crack, crevice, closet and piece of furniture in your home. For those hours, you need to find a cooler place for your pets and for valuables that cannot stand the heat.

Enjoying the Benefits of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Heat leaves no residual chemical for pets or children to touch, and it effectively treats their toys and clothes. You can leave your electronic equipment in place because thermal heat treatment for bed bugs does not damage it. About the size of a letter on your keyboard, they can hide in places that chemicals can never reach.

Our technician monitor the heat level in your home. Strict controls of air flow direct multiple heaters to produce heat for an effective treatment. You have nothing to clean up and no need to wait for chemicals to dry when you understand that bed bugs die with heat.

Taking Action to Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

Popular methods for eradicating bed bugs include do-it-yourself treatment with foggers, chemical applications and heat. A creature that can hide in a space as thin as a piece of stationary can escape the fumes of a fogger, rendering the treatment ineffective. Professional applications of chemicals are messy and time consuming, and they expose your family to potentially dangerous substances. The easiest and most effective solution is to ask Milwaukee Bed Bug Pros for a thermal heat treatment for bed bugs.